Thursday, September 16, 2010



Last week while Matt was home, he sure didn't get much rest. He was working his whole time off on the Nursery. And his work paid off... he did such a GREAT job. I did help a little but he did all the big stuff. He is one proud "Daddy to be". We cant wait to meet our "little man". We still have a few more things to do like oulet covers, blinds, just small stuff. Its a "hurry up and wait" game. Just a few pics (above) of the nursery before and after.... there are more on my facebook, still cant figure out how to add neat picutre boxes on here.... :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Big Update...

the prettiest little face
I'm a BOY

8wks 4days

Snow Feb.2010

Buffie :)

Wow-- almost a year since my last post. SO MUCH has happend!!

Matt and I went on a cruise the first of the year, again we had a BLAST. Just the two of us went to the eastern carribean/ virgin islands. We would go twice a year if we could.

Drew Graduated high school, sad but true. We enjoyed a great summer with him and at the end of August we moved him into his first dorm at UNCG. He is loving it, however those left behind ( me and mama) miss him bunches. But everyone is so proud of him.

And the BIGGEST news of all, on Easter Matt and I found out were were EXPECTING! We are excpecting a little boy on Dec.6. We are SO EXCITED. We havent decided on a name yet but thats just minor, right?! ;) haha. We have picked out his nursery bedding but still havent started to paint or anything, however that will be happening very soon, Right Matt?!!? ;).

I'm so excited about the baby. We cant wait to raise our little man. Its also very excting to know that some of our friends are also having babies around the same time. He will have lots of little playmates :)

I'm now 26+3 weeks along. He is moving all the time. I love the feeling. I'll post some pics and try really hard to keep this thing updated on all of the exciting news.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Its been a while...

So Proud of Drum Major Drew!!

I sure has been a long time since I've posted anything.....

I'm almost finished with orientation at the hospital where I work in the Maternal-Child health department. I love my job and the people I work with. Matt is still with the Corps of Engineers where he continues to be very busy. Buffie had an enjoyable halloween and dressed up as a lobster with one of her buddies Daisy (Bridgets Dog).

We went to raleigh a few weeks ago to see Blake Shelton at the state fair and to just get away for the weekend, we had a blast. Jeremy and Krista went with us and Bridget and Ramsey met us later that evening.

We paid off the rest of the cruise and bought our plane tickets... we are SO EXCITED!!
The annual family trip to Myrtle beach is next weekend and I'm really excited to get some Christmas shopping done!! I'm excited about decorating next week also, Matt is not quite so excited ;) He loves Christmas but I do "Mommick" him when it comes to decorating.... Well thats the update for now :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009


What a fun weekend! My parents & Matt threw me a 21st bday/ graduation party on Sat. We had such a good time. We had HB and hot dogs and some really good cake and 3 kinds of home made ice cream! Yummm..... The rain held off long enough for us to eat and get some cake but before the presents were opened the sky opened up for about an hour.... I'm glad it was just at the party and not one of the weddings coming up! I got lots of nice gifts and everyone had a blast. Later lastnight we got the slip and slide out AKA slip and bleed *hahaha* Bridget enjoyed it more than anyone else with Zack coming in close second :) We had some good quality time with one another and cant wait to do it again! Just a few pics below.

Also.... Matt and I booked our Cruise for Jan 2!! We are soooo excited, cant wait. Its and eight day cruise to san juan, st.thomas, nassau, antigua, and tortollia with 2 days at sea! Counting down the days..... :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Congrats Deidre & Josh-

First off I want to say Congrats to Josh and Deidre!!! I don't know that I stressed out this bad for my own wedding!! haha...the weather held out for us and it was a beautiful ceremony and a fun filled evening ( my poor feet are sore from dancing so much)!! As I sit here right now I wish that I was on that cruise they are on right now! haha... I hope they get some rest and have a blast!!

Bridget & Ramsey have decided that they are gonna wait to start planning their wedding. They say that after this weekend they may do something irrational ( as in elope) if they dont have some time to recover from the weekend!! haha.. I think Bridget was feeling the twin vibe and feeling much of Deidre's stress ( more than "D" I think), haha!!

Well I Just wanted to post a little congrats to the new Arthur's in Stacy!! Love you both!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mollie Nelson, RN!!

A lot sure has happened since I last updated on here..... I have finally graduated from college and found out this week that I passed my NCLEX (nursing state boards) so that makes me a Registered Nurse!! I'm super excited. I start working in Labor and Delivery the begining of July, if not sooner. Not only did I graduate but my best friends also graduated from college in May. Bridget and Deidre both graduated from UNCW with teaching degrees and Cassandra graduated from UNC with a nursing degree. We have 2 nurses and 2 teachers in the gang!

This Saturday (6/6) Deidre and Josh are getting married. I pray that the weather will be beautiful not only because its their wedding day and nobody wants a soggy wedidng ( however it poured my wedding day) but because their wedding and reception is outdoors!! I'm sure it will all work out and be beautiful, Deidre has worked so hard the past weeks and months for this day!

Cassandra and Zack are getting married in just a few weeks, 7/11 to be exact and Neil and Delisa the next week. We all sure have been busy with weddings and showers.... so stressful for all but yet so much fun! I hope everything comes together and theses weddings are all the girls have dreamed of.

With all the weddings it makes me think of my wedding day.... I cant believe it has been a year a half already.... time sure flies when your having fun :) haha. Speaking of time flying, my brother Drew will be 17 tomorrow! He is now a senior in high school... I cant believe it!!! I'm so proud of him, although I do pick on him more than I should....Buffie will be 5 years old this month, and she gets more spoiled by the day.... and my best friend Erin, her baby Colton will be 1 this month!!!

Well thats enough for now. Now that I'm out of school maybe I will update more on here. I'll post pics soon of the weddings.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I cant believe that it actually snowed, and stuck! haha. It is the day after and still I have to wear my boots to go walk the dog ( and thow snowballs :). I have seriously had the best time. Mama and Drew came and played and brought Chole to play with Buffie, we had a blast! Buffie loved the snow, she loved to eat it. I got the video camera out and said now this is crazy most people are recording their children while I'm out here freezing recording my dog! But he she is my child! The bad part about the snow was that Matt was at work. He will be home tomorrow though. He actually got way more snow where he is than we did. I made some snow cream and put it in the freezer so when he gets home we can enjoy it together :). Well I have a test on Monday so I better go attempt to study... blahhh. Hope you all enjoyed the snow as much as I did! :)